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The Return Painting Show, 2022

2022 AUArts, The Return, Painting Show, (group), Calgary

Sophie Hartges, Pursuit of presence, 35 × 51"


White gesso, acrylic paint, paint sticks, charcoal, coloured pencil, collage, pussy willows, buttons, mirror fragments, pom-pom's, gold leaf, gem stickers, a single used makeup wipe, glitter, high gloss finish and varnish on found wood panel.


Amidst the chaos of fighting forms afraid of erasure, a blissful contemplation of their existence is presented. To be conscious is beautiful yet burdensome. This aching longing for absence haunts my space and hers, but in this process of creating lifeless forms that feel alive, I have found my antidote to activity. My attention is brought to this desire for absence but also my acceptance of what is present. To cradle and comfort both states within my consciousness, brings bliss without longing; awareness without pain. Someday she’ll find this place too. 

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