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Gallery Crawl, 2022

2022 AUArts, Onion and Banana Juice, Gallery Crawl, (solo), Calgary.

25 x 20", pencil and acrylic on paper.


With eyes closed, I let my pencil guide the way for new forms to be explored. When I open my eyes, I see nothing but scribbles on a page, but as I sit with the work, things begin to emerge. Faces appear staring back at me, strange and undefined. I let their beckoning guide me into a world unrealized and as I get to know them, I get to know their colour. Pink petals morph into tangerine cheeks of a blue moon. Her sadness rests on the leaves of another's bloom. Birds dance on the backs of those who cannot consume. What sprouts from her mind begs to be savoured like her flowery perfume. But her reflection does not capture the pearls of her costume, for what is wisdom's flavour if her sight is filled with gloom. 

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